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Hidden in the heart of Manly, The Cumberland is an underground speakeasy with a Spanish twist. Named after the Parish of Manly Cove in the County of Cumberland, the name is a nod to the history of the area on which the venue stands. Concealed behind a fridge door within a small, bodega style deli, the sophisticated basement bar serves a selection of over 250 whiskies, natural wine, craft beer and an extensive themed cocktail menu including prohibition classics, tipples inspired by original counties from Sydney and surrounds as well as a section dedicated to ingredients that have been locally foraged and found. The Cumberland features ornate and vintage furnishings, including marble bench tops, hand carved sandstone blocks, reclaimed timber, antique brass and copper accents and a handmade leather banquette seat that wraps the walls of the intimate 75 seater venue.

Monday - Closed

Christmas Eve - Closed

Christmas Day - Closed

Boxing Day - 5pm - 12am

Friday - 5pm - 1am

Saturday- 5pm - 1am

Sunday - 5pm - 10pm 





We are now available for private functions and event hire. We encourage you to come and find us! 

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